Friday, 23 January 2009

Lost s04e12 discussion - Slow motion always makes me tearful

Bit of an odd one this week, as this episode very much plays out as the first act in a film. The characters are all rather hastily being put in place for a forth action-orientated finale. Still, it was nice that this year they’ve gotten the ‘walking through the jungle to find something/one’ over with at this stage, rather than it making up the bulk of the coming two hours. We now have everything in place for a big old fight at the Orchid, and another one on the freighter. Good. Stuff.

Lovely scene at the start, when they all step off the plane to be greeted by their families. They pulled the old ‘slow it down and play the slow and sad version of the theme tune’ trick, which isn’t that cheap at this point. I think when they had scenes like that where Hurley was just unloading food from the Swan Hatch back in Season 2 it was a bit forced, but this was the scene many people had been waiting 4 years to see and it delivered the emotional punch that was necessary. Kate being totally alone was nicely heightened by Hurley’s inclusion of Sayid in his reunion with his family. Remember that at this point, her mother, the hotter aunty from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, is presumably still bed-bound and not on speaking terms with her daughter. Likewise, Sun hugs her mother but ignores her father, as island revelations have lead her to hate him for what he made her husband do.

The press conference was a bit silly. We’re still in the dark as to who made the fabricated story, and to what degree it was fabricated. If it was Oceanic, how come the woman offers them to do a press conference, which they could have refused? We know the story is made-up, but at which point does the ‘story’ end? Did they really land on the small island in that little raft, or was that photo taken on the beach part of the fabrication? It seems Hurley is wearing the same t-shirt he’s had on-island for a few episodes, which lines up with those events taking place within the life-span of an on-island change of clothes. . The island they claim the six people had lived on for three months was called Membata, which is apparently Indonesian for ‘doubt’ or ‘uncertainty’. Also, these two people we hear survived the crash but died on the small island, is that real too? Do two more characters die in the escape? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Plus, everyone at that press conference was acting really dicky. Why attack Hurley for being fat? Why probe Sun about whether her husband died on island or on the raft escaping? Surely they’d all have been briefed to be double nice to all of them if they’re really going to be such huge celebrities? I can understand people being a bit cynical, and often with good reason, but no-one was going to go to that press conference on the return of Shannon Matthews and yell “I reckon you faked her getting kidnapped so you could leave your paedo man-child husband and shack up with your uncle” to her mother.

The island-themed party was funny. I love the idea that Hurley’s parents just think he was on holiday for three months.

I’m really not interested in Sayid and Nadia. He fucked someone else, and she’s dead in the future. In fact, all three women he’s slept with in the show are dead. He must have some kind of barbed-cock-weapon, from his time as a torturer.

Jack knows he’s Claire’s sister. We all knew this, obv, but it’s still nice to put future events in context.

What is the point of Charlotte? She better do something pretty fucking spectacular in the finale, or she’s the most worthless addition to the show since spending half of Season 2 trekking across the island to retrieve fucking Bernard.

So, I guess, now we sit and make predictions for the huge two-hour (one hour and twenty minutes for us torrent-fans) Season finale spectacular. I, for one, am pretty pumped about the whole thing. For once, we’ve got island events with an end-point we’re very very close to we’re just filling in the dots as it approaches. We know six characters have to end up on that raft by the time the episode is up, and so will be watching in anticipation every time they decided to hang out together. Does the island move and leave them off it? Will the boat explode if Keamy gets killed? That iPod Nike + thing stuck to his arm last week seems to suggest it. Does Jin die? Will Claire sober up? What will The Orchid be like? So many exciting questions, and they’ll all be answered! There’s no way it’ll just give us more questions! They’remakingitupastheygoalong!!!! ETC!!!!

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