Friday, 23 January 2009

Lost s04e11 - Discussion - I can move move move any mountain

This weeks Locke episode was not the flash-forward that I had hoped/predicted we would get. Instead, being as we’re in Season 4, every flashback has to be so chock-a-block full of previously dead characters or amazing coincidences so that fans don’t get annoyed. Two years ago, an episode that just revealed Locke was a lonely child would have sufficed. Now we have to have TIME TRAVEL shoved in between each ‘wooooooosh’ or people switch off.

Richard Eyeliner is back! And this time he doesn’t attempt a period haircut! It seems the writers have fully embraced the theory that he doesn’t age, and run with it. Either that or he can travel in time. So now we find that Locke was monitored his whole life, foreshadowed the Smoke Monster (which was a bit ham-fisted. What next? He made DHARMA-logo cookies too?) and in general was pushed by characters we believe to be DHARMA or Widmore related to his ‘destiny’ of living on the island. I like it, as it suggests a reason for all the amazing coincidences in Flashbacks we’ve seen for the past 4 years. It supports my theory of there being some kind of GREY-HAIRED DAD CORP that every character is related to in some way. Everyone has absent fathers, as has been said many times before, and many have fathers in some way linked to Widmore, Paik Industries or DHARMA. Have they all, like Locke, been visited by people poking and pushing them to fulfil their destiny on The Island?

That Keemy chap is suitably repulsive, and him and his iPod Nike thing he’s got strapped to his arm will die some horrible death by the time the season is up. The other Freighter related action was all jolly exciting, and hopefully building to something explosive for the finale, which begins next week.

Ben, Hurley and Locke walking through the jungle was a bit rubbs though. All the musical cues seemed to suggest it was some big surprise that Ben had killed all those people, but even a casual viewer would have picked up on that as there was a whole episode last season. Plus, it seems they’re trying to undo two seasons of building up Ben as a terrifyingly confident and powerful character. All the shrugging of shoulders and loss of faith this episode was reminiscent of Locke being rubbish in season 2.

As for the whole Cabin nonsense. I’m not sure. Clare was acting like she did when on drugs in Ethans care in the Staff hatch, all jokes and without a care in the world. This seems to follow a theory I mentioned last time about whether she is indeed already dead. Christian was again acting un-characteristically. I’m hoping they’ll very quickly get to the scene where Jack finally meets his Father again on the island, and finds out about his sister, as on his own he’s just not very interesting.

Next week should be exciting. Maybe LOCKE DIES!!!?!?!?

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