Friday, 23 January 2009

Lost s04e03 - Discussion - "The old switcheroo"

I’m sure you’d all agree that that this week’s episode of Lost was awesome, and that the revelation that Sayid has become some sort of badass killer in the future is kind of cool. And didn’t he look lovely with straight hair? Here are some thoughts.

We can assume that the group Naomi is working for, perhaps lead by Abaddon, is the same group that the hot Berlin woman works for, as they had the same bracelet. Who is this R.G. Character then? The only character mentioned that it could possibly be is a Regina on the freighter. But it would imply that Naomi was a big old lesbian. I think we can also assume that, apart from Charlotte, these new island dwellers don’t know that much about the island, and they’re just as in the dark about some things as the 815+ group. They do seem to know who Penny is though, so who knows?

Was the reference from Sayid that ‘What I love about Europe is that everyone speaks English’ a reference to the fact that of course in his flashbacks the Iraqis all speak English, despite the fact Sun/Jin episodes they just subtitle Korean? Plus, was it a further dig that he then asked for an ‘expresso’?

The part with the little science experiment from Daniel Sciencesurname was really interesting. It seems explicit now that time does indeed run differently on the island to the outside world. If one moment is stretched out to an hour on island, it must mean that the 100 days on the island are only going to turn out to be about a week on the outside world... I think that that’s what the whole mentioning of the Red Socks, and the ‘I can’t believe I haven’t seen a baseball game in 100 days’ from Jack was about. They were interrupted, but I’m certain that at some point Frank is going to turn around and remark ‘What are you on about, that was last week?’. And as I’ve said before, it’s pretty much Christmas day according to island time, and I think very soon one of the characters, perhaps in Locke’s camp if Frank and Jack discover it on in the other group, are going to say ‘Happy Christmas everyone! Let’s all have turkey’ or something. At which point Miles will say that they’re being pricks and it’s only October. I’d put good money on this happening.

Other stuff. The group separating was good. Nice that it’s all gone Lord of the Flies. As for the whole Hurley and the moving house thing, I guess we see now that it really does. Bit odd. I don’t like ghosts.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet. Well, I guess that’s all fine to play it’s course now. Love is for girls and homosexuals, and that stuff doesn’t really interest me.

Hurley’s line about the break dancing neck snapping was really great.


What is this as-yet unseen event where Sayid uses his heart and not his gun, as mentioned by Ben in the Flashforward? Is it about to come up as he lands on the freighter? Does he turn down an opportunity to kill whoever is in charge, Ben’s man on the boat perhaps, which jeopardises his friends?

Why is there a list? Are these people Sayid is killing related to the freighter group? Are they Hanso? How does killing them help Sayid’s ‘friends’? And which friends? Keep the Oceanic 6 a secret? But Hurley’s on TV shouting about it, and Jack is known as a ‘hero’. Surely he means the people still on the island? Killing these people prevents them from finding it and them.

How does Ben get off the island? What, apart from killing all those DHARMA people in the 90’s, has he done to make him such a wanted man?

Is Daniel fucking that Charlotte?

Phew. That’s it. Let the 1 line responses commence!

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