Friday, 23 January 2009

Lost s04e10 - Discussion - Some nice booze back home

Last week’s Jack Flash Forward was more of a joining in of the dots exercise than I’d have liked. He needs to get hooked on booze and drugs at some point between now and when Grizzly Airport Jack emerges, and this episode showed how our beloved doctors life is heading this way in the future and present day respectively. It’s all a bit pointless having him suffer from a dicky appendix when we know he’s untouchable, so that whole episode was only really useful in showing what a wally Jack is thinking he can stay awake during surgery. The whole Rose and Bernhard discussion about how it was odd he got sick when others got better on the island was interesting though, maybe this plays part of the forming of the Oceanic 6.

Future Kate is incredibly hot, and that child, non-biological though he may be to her, is going to have some real oedipal problems growing up. Interesting that Jack remarks “You’re not even related”. Did he emphasise the ‘You’re’? At this point does he know he’s Aaron’s Uncle?

On-island, Sawyer is further being set up as a possible love interest for Clare, being all Athena poster-boy looking after the baby.

The oddness of Christian Shepherd frustrates me though. He’s not alive in the future, but a ghost. He’s got physical form on the island, and can talk to Clare. He also acts a bit strangely. I guess it just wasn’t as awesome to see him as I thought it might be. He just struck me as just another island apparition.

There’s an interesting theory going around that relates to something said all the way back in series 1. When the psychic said to Clare that she must take Oceanic Flight 815 to LA, as there’s a couple there that can raise her better, was he foreseeing all the island events and referring to Kate and Jack? But, he had also said previously that he mustn’t be ‘raised by another’, which people took as significant once ‘The Others’ rocked up, until they were revealed to be just a bunch of spiritual scientists who obey the commands of a garden shed.

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