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Lost s04e01 - Discussion - "Ho ho ho"

Hello. Seeing as I am no longer working with any of you lovely people, but I share with you a passionate interest in Lost, I thought I’d collate my thoughts on each weeks episode, so that it’s like I never left.

Plus, my new colleagues think it’s all rubbs, which is upsetting me greatly.

Personally I liked this episode a lot. After my initial annoyance that the season doesn’t begin with introducing any new characters, or any real attempt to fuck with the audience as to time/location of events, (fruit in front of a picture of the ocean? Didn’t they do this in Jurassic Park 2?) the episode was actually much stronger than previous years, which all start with a disjointed group of survivors who have to trudge across the island to find each other. This time, everyone is back from the very start, and things seem to be moving at a Heroes-audience pleasing pace!

Things we found.

Hurley got off the island! This is great news, but obviously further proof that no-one is going to be happy in their post-island Flashforwards. It seems quite clear now that this is not how the series time-line ends, and that by Season 6 they’re back on the island.

We know more about the coverup. We still don’t know exactly what ‘lying’ Jack mentioned being sick of at the end of season 3, but it’s got something to do with there being no mention of a 3 month island trip during the time since the plane crashed and their rescue/return. The official line seems to be what Naomi had believed when she parachuted in, that the plane crashed in the ocean and all on board were dead. These 6 survivors are thought to have perhaps drifted on a makeship raft all that time? When the police chap asked Hurley if he’d known Ana Lucia, it was aboard the plane, there was no consideration that they’d hung out for a few weeks on the beach.

Future Jack is not suicidal yet, but he is on the sauce. There was defo’s some vodka in that glass of Orange juice he was sipping in the middle of the day.


Who are the Oceanic 6? We know three of them, but who else would want to leave the island? Remember that Sawyer could face murder charges. Rose could die. If the official line seems to be that the survivors never spent 3 months on an island, as it doesn’t exist, can Desmond, Ben or Juliet even be considered as they never boarded Flight 815? How does this affect the issue of ‘who is in the coffin?’ from the end of Season 3?

How come Christian Shepherd is alive and in Jacobs cabin? He was shown also in the final Mobisode directly after the crash, but it’s been taken off Youtube now. Is he Jacob? Was the plane crashed on purpose by him? Or is it, like Charlie turning up at the mental institution, just further ambiguous mind-fuckery by the shows creators which can be summed up by ‘it’s the vision of a mental patient’ or ‘it’s the black smoke pretending’?

Why do ‘they need you’ As Charlie tells Hurley? What exactly did the 6 do in order to be picked to leave the island? Have you sold their friends out? Why does Hurley seem convinced, as Jack will once he turns grizzly, that they ‘have to go back’?

Oh, and who is on the freighter?

Easter Eggs
From a messageboard:
“The word ‘HO’ shows up three times this episode, in three different forms. First, glance behind Hurley as he’s freaking out over Abbadon trying to take him away – there’s a small plastic sculpture of the letters ‘HO’ on a shelf back there. Later on, he makes reference to Charlie’s ghost showing up in the convenience store right next to the “Ho Ho’s”. And finally, playing HORSE with Hurley, Jack misses two shots. Hurley’s response: “That’s HO”.”

This could be a reference to the fact that on the island timeline, it is Christmas eve. “Ho ho ho” being of course Santa Claus. It has been mentioned years ago that of course December 26th 2004, in two island-time days to come, was when the huge tsunami spread across from Thailand. Some people question whether the program makers would dare include this real-life tragic event in the show, perhaps creating a problem for those on the Freighter 80 miles out at sea.

That’s all I have time for! Please respond with your own thoughts and theories!

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