Friday, 23 January 2009

Lost s04e08 Discussion - "Cause it's getting better"

The big one! The episode we’ve all been expecting since it was revealed in July last year that Harold Difficult to Spell Surname was re-joining the cast! Now we can finally find out what he’s been up to since he left the island! How did his little Popeye boat get back to the mainland? Did he get picked up by another boat??????!?!?!?

As is often the case with Lost, they don’t answer exactly the questions we were asking. I really enjoyed this episode, but when Flashforwards seem to be building a more comprehensive picture each week of the post-island activity, we really don’t expect to be left hanging about details occurring in the characters’ past. I really hope they’ll reveal at some point how he actually came to get back to New York, but it really might not be relevant by Season 5 or whenever. Perhaps they’ll put it in when Michael inevitably dies in some ridiculous heroic act as his final flashback. Who knows? Maybe the only reason they didn’t show it was to avoid having to deal with Taller Walt and the difficulties that come of having a 6 foot man tie shoes to his knees and kneel for all his scenes.

As for the rest of the episode, I liked it. The whole way he was recruited by incidentally gay Tom Friendly was pretty cool. The way he’s seemingly invincible, very good. I really hope the next episode opens with everyone on the frieghter trying to shoot, chop up or drown Michael but failing each time. Bullets ricocheting off his belt buckle, or knives snapping as they cut his throat. Ho ho ho.

On island, the Acting Guild of America gunned down two of the worst three actors in Lost. Shame, as I was hoping we’d get a Rousseau flashback at some point so we could figure out what’s really going on with the whole Alex thing. As for Alex, she’s defo’s preggers. The way the camera lingered on her holding her belly as only pregnant women on telly seem to do...

Right, that was longer than expected. Sorry. Perhaps I’m MAKING IT UP AS I GO ALONG?

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