Friday, 23 January 2009

Lost s04e02 - Discussion - "Return to Narnia"


I hear you all watched this week’s episode in the East Sussex hatch, fueled on DHARMA juice. What did anyone think?

I thought it was great! Finally we get the real ‘opener’ to the season, revealing 815 at the bottom of the ocean, and introducing the four new freighter people. I really loved the whole ‘switcheroo’ they did, finally showing the 815 survivors to be the relative ‘Others’. The scene where Sayid and Juliet have their guns pointed at Miles and Daniel in the jungle is clearly a direct reference to when Locke, Jack and Kate first confront My Friendly/Tom back in Season 2 in the jungle. Plus, when the English chick climbs out of the water to a reluctant Locke-party, we get an understanding of why the original ‘Others’ were sceptical to all new islanders, snubbing their questioning and wanting to be left alone. Nice stuff. I always thought the whole series would end with a sequence where another plane crashes on the island, and Jack’s team watch it and make plans to infiltrate them a la Ben and co in the Season 3 opener. It would be a nice Lord of the Flies style complete reversal in the whole good/evil playoff the show is always pulling. Hey, seeing as it’s inevitable that the Oceanic 6 will go back to save them, maybe it could happen? Grizzly Jack looks a lot like Mr Friendly?

Plus, I liked the way this week loads of the characters are saying things we’re always wondered why they don’t. Locke saying “What is the monster!!!” Sawyer asking how Locke isn’t dead. Locke commenting about ‘Taller Ghost Walt’. Nice.

Anyway. Other stuff.

The English Woman’s name is Charlotte S. Lewis. C.S. Lewis. As in: Narnia. Is this just a blatant nod at another ‘mysterious hidden land’ franchise, or has she been here before? I don’t personally know the books that well, but apparently her elation at being on the island was reminiscent of a girl splashing back down on Narnia in one of the stories.

Why was Daniel crying?

How did Naomi have a flashback seeing as she’s dead? There goes any theory that the choice of Flashback is supposed to imply and implanted memories of the survivors.

What’s with the ghostbuster dustbuster? Do we know that woman’s grand-child? Is it Walt, or Eko? Once again, a black character is introuduced, and so we go through ticking off any possibilities of how they’re be related to the only 3 possible survivors.

Apparently the four new islanders represent the four horsemen of the apocalypse. And the cow is relevant in that theory too. Google it if you’re intererested.

Who is Ben’s man on the boat? Please respond! I have my theories but they seem a bit obvious.

That is all!!!! Hope you all had a lovely weekend by the way. Pictures look great!

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