Sunday, 14 February 2010

Season 6 - Episode 3 - Dawn of the Dead-Boring

For the benefit of retaining any readers of this blog, let's ignore the 'flash-sideways' storyline of this episode. 'What Kate Does' in alternative LOST-land was in general as boring as what anything Kate does in the show. Don't mistake being attractive and yet not entirely one dimensional for an interesting character. Kate is either a tomboy stereotype or pathetically girly, and very little in-between. This week she literally went from a gun toting, cab-hijacker (and queue-jumper too, let's not forget that social crime) to apologetic pregnant lady-aider in the space of twenty minutes.

So yes, let's brush over that unnecessary water-treading. Let's instead focus on what tiny tidbits of mystery we were allowed this week. Most notably, ZOMBIES.

Ever since 2006 the show's creators have joked about the Mythical 'Zombie season'. Then, it revolved around the mysterious appearances of Walt around the island after his kidnapping. A fake script was even put up as an Easter Egg on the official site. Now, despite being quickly acknowledged and dismissed in discussion between Sayid and Hurley, it seems the joke has become a reality. Sayid raises from the dead, adding an apt nail in the coffin to any logical final solution to the show. He's been 'claimed' apparently, and his resurrectors quickly make plans to set this straight and kill him again. Quite what being 'claimed' involves isn't explained, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with actually-dead Locke being possessed/cloned/inhabited by the spirit of Jacob's nemesis. In fact, they can probably tie a bunch of island mysteries up with this one.

Lots of characters have died on Lost. Some have come back as mysterious visions to more essential cast members. Yemi chatted with Eko, Hurley saw Charlie (albeit offf-island), Michael saw Libby, and of course Christian 'Jack's Dad' Shepherd has had a chat with pretty much every cast member, including Vincent. None have fully come 'back to life' though, they've merely appeared briefly as visions. Claire was one seemingly ex- cast member that divided opinion though. Her disappearance at the end of season four, supposedly with dad Christian, was confusing to many. She'd been acting oddly for a few episodes, with ghost-talker Miles apparently looking at her funny. Fans insist that at that point she was in fact a ghost walking amongst the Losties. They cite the explosion at the end of the gun battle in season four, where small-mouthed Keemy and his bunch of military stereotype friends stormed the DHARMA village, as the the cause of her demise. Since then she'd been acting very odd, and walking off with old Papa Booze-alot was just one of the many symptoms of her craziness.

Now it seems she's gone proper mad, as her hair is all unkempt. She's become the new Rousseau, and has even learnt how to make traps in order to purge the cast of any annoying B-characters. The very same Rousseau who spoke of a 'sickness' that took her crew back in the eighties when their boat crashed. Perhaps it 'claimed' them, and was the same disease that Desmond injected himself daily in order to fend off. Hmmmmmm...

My theory is this. Jacob's Enemy can possess dead people, and this explains any instances of 'visions' we've seen so far. He appeared as Christian when Flight 815 arrived, and he's continued to turn up in different guises as more and more people keep dying. He doesn't have to inhabit just one at a time, as he's a giant magical smoke monster and so that's not really a problem. As he tries to infect people with his spirit, they go a bit mad. He's the reason Rousseau's crew all shot each other, why Radzinski eventually shoots himself in the hatch with Kelvin, and will probably end up being the cause of the eventual fate of the Black Rock arrivals once we hear their story. Back on the beach in olden times eating the fish, fans have become fixated on Jacob's enemy being his Earthly equal. Perhaps he was just the latest incarnation, someone who had recently died on the island. Remember how Jacob's Enemy says how it always ends the same? "They come, they destroy, they corrupt". He is the cause of the corruption, and with the 815ers Jacob is trying to reverse the trend.

As an aside, the character who actually would make an awesome Zombie is Sayid, so I'm rooting for him to get fully 'claimed'. He's a crazy, torturing, gun-for-hire in real life, so imagine his appetite for tasty torturous braaaaaaiins once he goes full blown!!

But we'd better put that kind of stuff to the back of our minds, as there's at least fourteen hours before we'll be getting final confirmation about our theories. There are more immediate Island things to deal with; How will the two groups meet, now they're in the same timeline? Which ones of the new Other Others will continue on as fully-fledged characters, if any, seeing as it's so late in the game? Why is one of them the world's cheapest John Lennon lookalike, who is ACTUALLY CALLED 'LENNON'? What purpose does the alternative timeline have? Is it the afterlife? Did Juliet go there when she died and told Miles "It WORKED!" last episode? Tune in NEXT week for no answers to any of this, just more plodding about in the jungle, but hopefully some actual zombies.


  1. sayid used to be so cool... too bad he's become a boring character, almost as lame as a mute sun...

  2. well maybe this is only way to bring back to life to this excellent TV show, when a show fall in disgrace is time to twist story and make some insane, well why not this people are lost in a island, maybe a couple of zombies can help ti improve the ranking.

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